“The facilitators were very patient, took time to make things very clear.  They were very non-judgmental.”

“the circle process was comfortable, and the facilitators were kind and caring”

“Preparation of the circle was “over and above the call of duty”. The Facilitators did everything they could to prepare us”

“We were satisfied with the case conference process. It was very well handled, the facilitators were professional, patient and thorough. They were very committed and they agonized over the case as it was not text book.”

“Now that months have passed since the case closure, I am very satisfied that we did the best with the process before, during and since.”

“Since the case completion I benefited as it was a good learning experience to be more responsible for my actions. It was helpful to interact & talk with each other; we could clear up misconceptions and misunderstandings. the circle process is a good thing as it would not have been resolved if we didn’t meet.”

“We participated in RJ process because we hoped that the outcome would help both parties and if the other party was offended we could make it better through compensation. We could make up for their loss; we wanted to be more responsible and careful.”

“The Facilitators prepared us well for the circle and gave us questions to prepare which helped us know what to say. We were informed how the process might go and what it would look like so felt assured and less anxious.”

“Facilitators were neutral and not in favour of any party. They made sure we were prepared and would all be Ok to be in the circle to feel confident about the process.”

“Facilitators addressed our concerns by providing information and shared various options for how participants could come together for their discussion”

“In the circle everyone had a chance to talk and voice their concerns- no talking over each other. Facilitators moderated the conversation and intervened when issues arose which eased the discussion.”

“They made sure each party’s requests were fair and reasonable in the agreement stage.”